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Technical information about this site

Modifications to life is good theme

  • styles.css:
    • theme color changes
    • change to nav menu display properly on smaller/mobile devices: child menus off by default
  • plugins used:
  • functions.php:
    • Import custom child style.css
    • De-register parent /js/functions.js and use child /js/functions.js instead
    • Add a filter to page_css_class so that we can check:
      1. If we are on the home post, we highlight the “Home” menu
      2. Otherwise if we are on any other single post, we highlight the “News” menu
    • Use 2 code snippets from to set the “from:” field in your outgoing mails
  • functions.js:
    • Override flexslider options
  • index.php:
    • override – don’t display the ‘home’ post on the News page
  • header.php:
    • override – add meta name=keywords and meta name=description tags for site

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